Take the adventure further with Rides & Tides.

As both a surfer and biker, the experience of riding a motorbike is only matched by riding a wave. The feeling of being pushed forward by nothing but gravity, while standing on water is hard to describe, as is riding a motorcycle. Especially if you get to ride on twisty roads, with beautiful views and not a soul in front of you. Something we gravely miss in the Netherlands: the roads are straight, flat, surrounded by fields and usually busy.

Rides & Tides takes you on a trip where you can ride your motorbike in beautiful locations, surf every day and not have to worry about a thing, except for deciding wether ride the bike or go for a surf.

We load your motorbike into a custom truck, along with your motorcycle gear, surf gear and other luggage, and drive it to a spot anywhere from south Norway down to the north coast of Spain. You fly there and meet us at the location, where you will find your bike and bags at a big tent, already set up for you.

After a big breakfast we will do a tour and ride to a surf spot. A van will bring the wetsuits, boards and lunch to that spot, you can leave your motorcycle gear in a dry and locked place so you won’t have a worry in the world. After the class you can stay and surf all day, or head out on your bike and explore the surrounding area. We will meet you back at our location, where a big dinner will be served.

Come and join us on the adventure of a lifetime



Growing up I did two things: playing in the ocean and playing with toy cars, 30 years on I still do the same thing, pretty much.

After a week on a surf camp in France, I fell in love with surfing and haven’t looked back. It got me into becoming a P.E. teacher, which led to becoming a surf instructor and being able to work on the beach every day. Over the past 10 years I have been giving surf lessons in the Netherlands and Spain, and have travelled all over the world to see the most amazing countries and surf the most stunning surf spots. After years of teaching P.E. on and off, I realised it wasn’t for me because I kept going back to work as an instructor on my holidays. So I quit my job and became a full time instructor.

As far back as I can remember I have been fascinated by everything motorised. My brothers and I had a vast collection of toy cars, I would watch any race featuring everything related to things that ran on a fuel. After several mopeds and sort-of-successful attempts at working on them but learning tons, I got my motorbike license and get a 1978 Honda CB750 F2. When it starting running poorly I decided to take it apart and fix it. That fix turned into a 2,5 year project, which is almost finished…like every project ever…

Two years ago, while working in Spain, I had to pick up someone from the airport at an ungodly early time. The drive through the mountains, with low mist and all, was beautiful, but I was driving a 9-seater van. I couldn’t stop thinking about riding my bike there, but I also didn’t want to ride it all the way there. The reason for that was that I wanted to bring my surf gear, because the thought of parking up at a beach and seeing perfect waves, while not having any surf gear was self-inflicted torture I didn’t want to face: I wanted to have my cake and eat it too.

I decided to use my experience as a traveller, surfer, teacher and rider to do just that: have my cake and eat it too, with a group of new friends. Thats when Rides & Tides was born. I want to take people along on the adventures I want to go on, show them what I love and hope to have them fall in love with the same things.